Its the little things in life…

She always catches my attention. Daily in the morning she was there for them or they were there for her. Where to many they were lovable, to many they were a nuisance blocking the whole end of the road to the turn. Every morning passing through that turn she comes in my way with a long stick n just about when I try to drive the car she stand in the middle of the road banging the road with her long stick to fly them away of that narrow road. “The old lady with a little bended backbone.”

Picture courtesy: Google

(could not click while driving but looks somewhat like her)
They fly n clean my way and I move on but they flew back again. Could be to join back the flock or may be for the feed. Then one morning again while passing through the same I observed the temple,there was one temple just opposite to that turn on the opposite lane. In most of the religions its considered auspicious to feed the birds. ..yeah I can recall I saw the same kind a kit of pigeons outside famous Mahalakhshmi temple of Mumbai. People feed them.

The feed from the people coming out of the temple. ” So may be it could be the reason for those flying species to collect there too ‘The feed‘ which people buy from that old lady with the stick…yeah she use to sell bird feed on that turn. Call it her livelyhood but I call it her love. The love that wanted to feed them and protect them. Sometimes little ways touch no matter its your personal or work life…vibes count.

Original picture showing the turn.

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