Flawed is the new perfect💁


Flawed is the new perfect#
So we love them, we sing them, we kind of believe them. I am beautiful, be it the Christina Aguilera -“you are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down, no, no because) you are beautiful in every single way, yes words can’t bring you down” or may be James blunt” you beautiful, you are beautiful , yes its true I saw you in a crowded place n I dunno what to do”
Only flawless is not beautiful, beauty is in the flaws coz they are your very own and makes you unique. Read somewhere, “Even though it can never be flat again, but my stomach is still my favourite coz it reminds me of my biggest accomplishment – my babies”. Just an eye for the flaws and we are the flawed beautiful.
Totally we are born with features and looks with no contributions from us coz if that would be the case most of the girls would be a look alike of Angelina Jolie and men would be of resemblence to may be Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or may be our own Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh..Well but thats not the story here. Its hard to be beautiful but its even harder to feel beautiful…
So for that I’ve a latest MLM (multi level marketing) for you or a babaji’s trick.
Pass this to ten of the known you feel know you…
Hahhhh!!!…irritated??Okay will catchup on this in a while.
This one works really I tried and trust me I was unaffected throughout, I am still beautiful. Well there is saying that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder… N I feel to have one of the most beautiful eyes… Everyone around me is beautiful in some or the other way totally uncomparable.
Wondered by the fact why at times, you cannot relate to a person who is personified to be a fashionista… May be coz thats not your style or may be sum percentage of it is but still there is so much to add to your style, your lifestyle…
I dont know what for anyone it is I feel beautiful but small gestures and actions give a kick to my day and every day, when I assume my birds 👀( no pets here free birds),I feel they wait for me for their feed.. I feel responsible n above all I get the happiness when I can’t see even a single grain left… this feeling of beauty for I being human. Believe I dunno who n how is happy here I get an expression… Accomplishment!!!
There is so much around us to be happy but we opt for negatives basically we opt to be the victim, we say we are strong but somewhere in our heart we feel that people should feel wow about your struggle. But really?? Is this what you ve put in your efforts for or may be you’ ve been looking for a chance… PATHETIC.
Happiness can’t be bought its earned. Try being true to yourself. Put a humour to you may be by asking them take your SELFIES…. Cummon who dunno what Selfies are. But lets give them a chance to change the history of Selfies to clicking pictures.
Now coming to my magical tricks…. Tried n tested by babajii( u choose baba ji of your choice, blessings would shower… Kirpaa pakka barsegi…)
Smile.. .
It triggers happiness in your brain.
Maintain the posture. Same you never ignored giving your best for the first be your date or job. Just the best.
Hold the shoulders to the back.
Remember… Age is just a number
Be open to your expression about you, appreciate your flaws not everyone can be curvaceous like you😉.
No holding backs!!!
Just dont allow anyone or any feeling to hold you back, stay clear to your thought i get distracted but then i am pretty arrogant to ignore as they play well in my scenario.
Flawed is the new perfect.
There is so much in life that we just tolerate (count it as taxes, bad weather or traffic or just anything.)
But its high time, we getting these so called no to be helped rather exposed on us affect us.
Stop being victim n negative manipulate you. Negativity is around us all the time and eating our minds like termites.Lets increase the rent of our brain and evict tenants (Negativity). We often see negative ideas, pictures, hear negative stories, pictures and songs but before feeling the negative ..Don’t watch them just walk away.
This way above all, first step to stay away from negative vibes. Yeah I m so beautiful!!!! 😎Trust me the day you will say this to you with your heart u ll get minimum five people around you who you ll find somewhere  admiring something good about you. 😆Sounds like pass this message to eight you ll get lucky else you ll get misfortune. But yeah it works that way. Trust me n check it out. Okkk lemme introduce me. I m born n brought up in Bengal, n a true believer of black magic… Ma soul  😂😂😂😂😂okkk 😈but dis is how people believe😇super powers.so I ve a power super power of convincing  just anyone on d earth  n dts anyone comprise ME yeah ME “ME “d toughest one to convince .


Daily Prompt: Pest

IMG_20170730_102041My attempts are failing, week by week, coming nothing very significant. It wasn’t real big to ask for, nor was it real big to loose. My mind has become a pest thats trying  reach and conquer every cornor of my sleep search engine with its constant running queries n thoughts.I make sure to answer the questions as per the database of  my experience,  but,  I m still sleeping with pests of running thoughts. A tiny kid in my heart just make the wish, wanted  sleep n sleep sound on the weekends but somehow pests have started making their entry through the door bell too.

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Dear Mom, I love you😘

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I thought of you today but that’s nothing new, I thought of you yesterday and days before that too. I often feel you by my side and feel calmed. All your memories are with me and alive in my heart even today. Being a woman, yeah we grow up independent and fast at an early age, all thanks to # Harmones#Periods#Society#Physical Appearance# Sitting postures.
As a kid, what I didn’t noticed in me, society did and pointed to me… you saw them, you listened to all around you but you protected me as your newly turned teen baby. And I realised there is that one person who always finds you beautiful… “Your mom”. That one person who will stand out of the crowd and say even of you will put on 20 kg of weight, “No you not fat, you are fine now, infact earlier it was less.” That one person who is unaffected by your age and still can’t resist giving advice when you cook in front of her, ignoring that you ‘ve been doing this from long now, one who really is concerned about you no matter where you are…what you do.  She always have to share a lot yet she is speechless ‘coz she want to hear from you. One person who accepts you for what you are, she may try improve but she will never impose as for her you are the most beautiful person.
Mom, You stopped me so many times, I could see the hinderance in your speech, most of the times it was bounded one coming from some aliens (now why I call them alien in mine your world vcoz they never understood the language of mom n daughter). Whenever you said a no, there was a back to it, unspoken that said” I will stay by you no matter what.”Mom,  I still want you and I ll always. I still scream mumma when am in pain. I never thought I ll say this as I always thought I ‘ve grown up, but… You know I am your baby…and

Love you mumma

Pain is personal.

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She wasn’t  scared of the scar caused by falling, she never streched her expression on pain and really felt that innocently, may be real pain is bigger and ‘coz she can bear its not big. What scared her always the scar scatched again n again. Being an outdoor person,  you know,  you will be hurt someway playing and she was okay but repeated falls causing scratch on the same scar preturbed her always. But then she always choose to fall then to hurt, even when she could not take a turn while learning how to ride a bike, she choose to hit on wall n get hurt badly over to take a bad turn and may be mistakenly hurt anyone. She is brave, she survived, all scars faded with time. But wounds are left on her heart and now she is scared of  all the scars. Pain is truly personal.

Daily Prompt: Fragrance



Fragrance of my mom, pure, soulful, no perfumes, no flowers.IMG_20170724_231933 just the smell of the skin with the mist of the days hardwork sweat, but even that was not foul, infact in itself was so comforting, the mere remembrance of her, get the fragrance alive around my senses and I feel like relieved and unknown to the sorrows of the world in my mothers arms sleeping sound.I don’t know if I comfort her the way I felt comforted but surely, I followed what mom always used to say, that put a mild talcum around your baby’s sense points like inside her arms, around the neck, behind the ear lobes baby will  sleep more sound. Passing the fragrance of love and experience from a mom to a new-born mom.

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Her name was an irony…



She got to move again, a new city, a new locality, new faces, new friends but that doesn’t really affect her as she has never made friends anywhere, she likes to be alone, she doesn’t relate to what others say and do. Its not she was happy with herself but she was least bothered about smiles and happiness. There was no pain even, to her life was dull and its just the days passing by, there is no heartache ,no painful memories nothing in life so special that has caught her attention so far, Smile June has turned 15 this June. Few years back, her mother thought may be she is depressed so she checked with school, friends, teachers, enquired neighbourhood friends, if something has happened but nothing came out. She tried talking,spending more time, taking her out in malls, fun places which might distract any kid her age, but everytime it felt, if June is accompaning for mother’s happiness. But lately she started making excuses about going out. Smile June, her name was an irony, she wasn’t a smiling soul and unlike the month of june which is warm and sunny month, she was cloudy ,her thoughts were jumbled, nothing clear about anything, What she likes or hates. But there is just this one place in the house she always use to sit. Life looks short in size from thirtieth floor, everything looks compressed and people down look like miniatures moving and playing.
Same morning and the same couch in the balcony, with a difference, the little corner of the balcony where water is clogged in the place of missing tile, and water drops falling from the ac outlet drop by drop dripping in then the circular wavy motion of the water. Smile kept sitting watching the motion in the water till the last drop fall from the outlet and AC was turned off. Her mom was standing in front of her all ready with the regular stuff she used to carry while going out. Then Smile recalled she was to go with her mom to the lake side, its her Mom’s first weekend off in the new city and she wanted to explore the new place, so she thought to start with the nearby lake. Hardly 3 to 4 kms and they reached.
It was unlike a picnic spot, just people sitting on the side. Beautiful lake, birds and lotus flowers, but what took her attention was a small gap between two stones where lake water was clogged,sitting on the cemented shelf above ,she could easily see it with a bend, as if a pond has been made exclusively. She bended a little more to see the personal pond and as was about to see, an image, a rain drop fall ,and the same circular symmetrical rythmic move of water as was in her balcony, but here she can see a image inside the water, not clear, but someone is there looking upto her.she was keenly trying figure the image in the water but it started raining, Rains are a complete surprise package of the city, totally uncertain. Smile’s mom held her hand and asked her to come under the shed of a eatary.June followed her, Mom asked if she want to have some snacks and then they will go back as there was nothing really special about the place. For thecfirst time, June insisted to wait till it stops raining.She went again to the place where she was sitting, she wanted to find out the image, n she asked her mom to wait and finish her snack while she is sitting there, on the wet cemented floor she took the seat n saw the pond was little more full, she leaned towards it n saw a beautiful smiling face inside the water, June got overwhelmed , giggled and smiled and the face in the water was smiling again, the couple who was busy taking selfies till then was drawn towards June’s gesture, she was leaning down and continuosly smiling, cuople joined in out of curiosity that it might be some unusual aquatic animal there, but then they smiled seeing what she was doing, her mom came n sat by her without disturbing her n trying see what has made June so engrossed, and she saw the smiling face. Smiling face above n below the water. That contagious smile was now on her face too. Busy with her hide n seek game with rain drops n image where every caught was with a smile she kept staring at June who was least bothered about what is happening around.
Her mom recalled its been real long when last she saw this full hearted smile. Her Smile, its not the irony feeling reassured, the name meant to be hers ” Smile June” , and she smiled to herself.


Love your smile “Smile June”

Then and now and forever….

I chose to smile….




If you are happy n you know it clap your hands!
The poem that just bring smile to her face. The poem that just magically pulled her on the floor to stamp her feet. She could barely speak but she used to shout out loud on the lyrics:
“If you are happy n you know it n you really wanna show it, If you happy n you know it say Hurray!!! “. No matter what mood is she in but when she gets to hear the poem, she couldn’t resist smiling. Even when she is crying, As I used to start singing ” If you are happy n you know it, Clap your hand” , with tears filled eyes she used to look at me, “If you happy n you know it, Clap your hand ” , Somehow she just gets in the mood of smiling and used to come on to the floor, waiting for me to say “if you are happy n you know it, Stamp your Feet, If you are happy n you know it, N you really wanna show it, stamp your feet”. The pain, the sorrow just vanish as if she has understood ” ok I got hurt but now I ‘ve cried and for how long I should cry, its over, its gone. And now when something is making me feel happy, I have no problem accepting it and then expressing it same as I cried loud n raise the hell lot of attention of all, when I was hurt”. May be she really understood it at the age of three that this is how life is, everything is short spanned, temporary, why to hold the expression for something that’s gone n specially if that made you cry, its simply not worth letting it come in the way of the happiness that is now on its way back again to us. Why not to smile, feeling that has hurt me has now gone and not simply even worth memorising. May be she was learning and exploring the world, the things, around her with her inquisitive eyes. Always ready to touch n feel the new things around. She started to learn to clap, the sound of the clap that earlier used to take her attention, now she is able to produce that music on her own and this was her moment of pride. The smile on her mother’s face, which made her smile, as if she has realised its her time now to reciprocate to it n give happiness back. Exploring n trying to know everything, sometimes getting the answers sometimes not but then it never hurt her, as if she has understood that life is too big to know n she will get her answers, sooner or later. She is in no hurry, may be because she has understood, she never planned anything and she has no control over what is coming next, and when everything is happening on its own, what is under her control is her move and she chose to be happy. Maybe some of the queries yet not answered msy be they will be later,no overthinking n perceptions, still there is so much to look around and explore. She is contented with what she has with her at that moment, the smile, the music and the moment.
Years later from then to now, was surfing on the net, and the word “happy” somehow fetched the link of the video of the magical lyrics and it reminded me of the smiling, curious face of her and I clicked on the link,
An animated little girl smiling n singing:
“If you are happy n u know it, Clap 👏 your hand
If you are happy n you know it, clap your hand
If you are happy n you know it n you really want to show it, if u are happy n you know it 👏 clap your hand. ”
And I clapped again, as if I understood the philosophy again.
Don’t stick to what has not happened your way, move on, if it has hurt you, then its just a chapter of the past, don’t close the book,just turn the page and one day you will realise, turning the page is the best feeling in the world – because you will realise there is so much more to the book than to the page you were stuck on. True happiness is entirely a choice you made for you. Why can’t we clap our hands
What has changed in me or you?
I am still the one who wants to play, yeah may be I ‘ve changed my games.I am creating new, breaking the old rules,letting my kid do what I was forbidden to do, going in the rain n doing and exploring, what now I feel is right and makes me happy.
Truly growing up has changed my appearance and mindset, yet the small kid in my heart, still laughs out loud seeing even any of my own slipping stupidely on the wet floor if not hurt, “oh so sorry ” the “Expression” has certainely changed, Really? but then,when the person resumes back
See me….???
I am always laughing …may be with my face down to the other side… I clap my hand again.