“Its more important to be of pure intention than of perfect action”

Dunno y stuff gets easier when its over? As a kid I was very ignorant but there was this one fact which I was aware off truly, Every human has got a brain, coz without brain your body is dysfunctional. Many came and go, making it really hard, at times even harrasing, now this is the word I understood as n when I grew up, otherwise throughout those years I was compromising with ” saala khadoos” , though kept the consistency in  their words saying -“when god was distributing brain, you must be busy eating laddoos”. But me a born stubborn knew it, I have a brain.

And things actually worked the way as I was eating actually laddooos only n too top of it my physique put a stamp on it. 

But today, when I was  supposed to teach the same old stuff, which everybody assumed and pretend the way I did that I ‘ve studied in my times, which I know I really not( that time, I just struggled to put stupid hints to the theories, like difference degree celcius starts with 0 to 100 coz two c enclosed face to face makes zero…but thats how I could recalled n I could score, damn not my fault! really, they put so much detailing in a single chapter.What to remember and all to recall was ? Cummon I was a kid, those who wrote the curriculum and designed the book were not kids).

But she understood, I was in complete shock -” Really she understood” ? I tried few more, but she did ‘coz she got the concept right. Damn I was like , I taught her?? I never understood it in my time, I just learnt it while making her learn…but she understood.

I really thought if I would have put this hard work in my time, I would have scored full instead of just an average score.

What went wrong where, I had brain , I knew n believed, I spent my time learning…but then I just recalled her one expression-

” Eyes full twinkling, curious to know n understand and the smile on learning simple tricks, the excitement , the will and focus and above all the “Intentions” which were clear in her mind.

She really wanted learn.😊


The glimpse of that sweet, beautiful white horse with a long soft flurry tail and swinging hair running from head to to neck, big twinkling eyes with thick curly eye lashes, blinking too often, flying in blue sky with its small soft dense wings… Awwww…Unicorns. Thats the memory that flashes in my mind as I hear the word “Unicorns”. The funniest part I used to feel is that I thought, a baby of a horse is unicorn but then I got to know the fact which was taught to me in kindergarten its actually called a “Foal”. Nowhere the name “foal” catches to my memory of that animated flying fairy kinda horse, then I thought may be its a “pony”, following my curiousity and after having deep conversation with the “google baba”…as what I feel google is now with the voice feature #Ok Google#, I realised its not a Pony, Pony are like horses with some differences like short legs as compared to horses and few more, thats here irelevant to my search for Unicorns. Then somewhere in my mind its the small horse like aquatic species which I saw at the aquarium…feeling like an absolutely dumb n duffer ,with thoughts full of doubt I spoke to google babaji again and I was like “oh how dumb..”. I was right that can’t be Unicorns anyways , firstly they are aquatic species and they are seahorse, basically a fish. It happens very rarely to me that I feel so dumb in my life and I just out of my embarrasment within me I stated in my mind its a pure imaginary animated character nothing real. But somewhere deep inside a small unicorn sapling was still left that again stood out and I decided to research more. Really wondering how small thoughts at times stay in your mind so deeply that you just can’t resist them. And then I finally to my relief,I researched and realised , Unicorns are not imaginary fictionary charcter, they existed and may be still they are as according to my research, People claimed to  have seen them in different parts of the world. According to mythology also ,there are few facts about them like they are the symbol of : Divining Truth

The unicorn is thought to hold the power to divine truth and will pierce the heart of a liar with its horn. Supreme Strength: According to Jewish legend, the unicorn can easily kill an elephant, an evidence of its immense power and strength.

There are a few fun Unicorn Facts I would love to share…

Children often have many questions about the legendary unicorn, including “Can unicorns fly?” so I do have this list to share about unicorn facts with your little ones to arouse their imagination and encourage imaginative play.

Unicorns live in groups of four or five that make up a joyous family. The head of the family is an elder unicorn who is hundreds of years old. Other family members include a loving couple and one or two young unicorns.

Unicorn families spend their lives alone living in peace deep in the forest.

When two unicorn families meet, they express great joy and travel together for weeks before they part and go their separate ways.

The unicorn may eat grass and hay, but it really doesn’t need to eat at all. It absorbs its energy from the sun, probably through the horn. Wow…

Unicorns can be any color, from jet-black and brown to dazzling gold, brilliant red or pure white.

Anyone who touches a pure white unicorn will find happiness and joy for his entire life. Now that sounds like again a fairytale “make a wish”.

The unicorn’s eyes are sky blue or purple.

Unicorns are earthbound and do not have wings. Really? Am dissapointed here 😅

 But, If a unicorn and a Pegasus (a flying horse) mate, the babies may become flying unicorns.😅

Why can’t we just Can’t See Them?

The first and foremost thing to consider with unicorns is their “magical” powers. It has been widely documented that unicorns have the faculty to render themselves, and other forest creatures, invisible to human eyes in the forest they protect. Unicorns are only visible to men if they so desire.

Since science is not yet able to explain the extraordinary abilities of real life unicorns, and how they are able to render themselves and other creatures invisible to man (which makes scientific study of unicorns extremely difficult, science having a hard time studying things like this). I can only hope that scientific progress in years to come will allow it to detect and study this amazing animal, but here furthering my knowledge. In the meantime, I am  relying on a huge quantity of literature and accounts, real unicorn sightings, and pictures of real unicorns that exist.

Unicorns are magnificent and noble creatures that have enchanted young and old across the globe and through the ages. They are both a symbol of purity and goodness and the personification of untamed freedom. Many cultures throughout the world have their own version of the unicorn myth, but most depict them as white horses with a long horn extending from the forehead. The horn is usually spiraled, which makes light dance across the body of the animal as the sun shines down upon it.

Unicorns are often associated with rainbows and fair maidens. Unlike most mythical animals, which seem to be based on humanity’s deepest fears, most unicorn tales convey an animal that is quite gentle and good. Unicorn were seen dates back several thousand years, and occasional “sightings” are still being reported today.
WHY DO UNICORNS HAVE A HORN AND WINGS? So here is a story to tell, One day a long, long time ago, a beautiful white horse came  through the wood that lead to a marvelous rainbow waterfall. When a flash of beautiful colors caught her eye. Then, the white horse looked more carefully and she realized that it was a Rainbow Bird, gliding  over the Rainbow Lake that had caught her reflection. The white horse came closer and the bird flew closer and landed on a nearby log. “Hello, my name is Fleece,” exclaimed the bird. “Hello,” said the white horse. “Don’t you have a name?” whined the bird. “No,I’m afraid I don’t,” said the horse. “Well, may I have the honor of naming you?” asked Fleece. “Why, yes, of course!” exclaimed the white horse. “Well, let me see. How about Narina? Yes, I’ll name you, Narina. Do you like your name?” asked Fleece. “Yes, I do!” said the horse. “Fine, Narina and Fleece played almost everyday together. They were the very best of friends. They liked playing under the waterfall and the went swimming in the crystal clear lake almost every day. One evening Fleece told Narina that he was sick and might not see the morning light again. This broke Narina’s heart. She tried not to worry, but she had to. To please Fleece, Narina went to the waterfall and fixed him his favorite meal, his last meal.Fleece’s favorite meal was Rainbow water, with Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla Cream pie. In the morning, Narina checked on Fleece. He was dead, but peaceful. While she was looking at here friend Fleece, Narina felt something funny on her right and left hip. When she looked, she saw Fleece’s rainbow colored wings. Narnia was happy that she had a part of her best friend. After a few years, Narina got over the loss of her best friend and was very excited to be a winged horse. Narina still lived…truly a fairytale.

So now ? 

Are Unicorns a Myth or Reality? Are Unicorns a Myth or Reality?The Unicorn is a particularly beautiful creature once widespread throughout the northern hemisphere. Known with different names in different countries

Unicorn colt, which is born without a horn, stays with its mother until the horn has grown to full size and then goes off on its own. The different varieties of Unicorn have specific variations in appearance, but all have the head and body of a horse, the legs of a deer like antelope, the tail of a horse or lion and the beard of a goat.

So for now, with this I am putting a hold on my unicorn that has been running in my mind all these days while I was collecting the facts until the day I got to hear something more about them. Stay updated n let me know if you have some facts too.😄

Blog credits and inspiration : Angel of my life.