Arz kiya hai…

एक सुकून कि तालाश मे,
ना जाने कितनी बेचैनियाँ पाल लीं…

और लोग कहते हैं,
हम बड़े हो गये और ज़िन्दगी संभाल ली…👥👥👥

: बचपन में सबसे अधिक पूछा गया एक सवाल ।
-बड़े होकर क्या बनना है….?
अब जाकर जवाब मिला ।
-फिर से बच्चा बनना है ….!!

But I do…

Maybe now I understand why things are temporary maybe now I understand why it has to end. I just wanted grow up at any cost because I felt I am the most miserable kid around, as I have the most strict parents who never allow me to take holiday on the weekdays just like that. Now why it was so necessary to have a reason or always have a reason to take off from school goddamn they never understood its a long journey of years to go and study. And to my support I have this one sister just one year old to me who never allowed me to touch her stuff, coz I spoil it, ‘so what?’ I was younger to her.
I think I would have called me to b felt it then in my childhood what its like to be a grownup then now. But unfortunately when I actually grew up I just wanna go back in time. So much passed, forgotten…friends, games, teachers, school…
But I remember, I still do how I would put my arms in my shirt and tell people that I lost my arm.
But I remember sleeping with all the soft toys and the dolls all together so that none of them get offended.
But I remember how I would wait behind the door to scare someone but leave soon as the person took too long to come and I just didn’t had the patience.
But I remember I had this pen with 6 colours and I always tried pushing all the buttons at once.
But I remember how I thought that moon is following my car and I continued checking every minute is he still doing it or he has given up.
But I remember how I watched those two drops of water roll down the window and pretend it’s a race.
But I remember when I swallowed the orange seed I was scared to death that now a tree is going to grow in my tummy and get tense how am I gonna make my pony and hide the tree popping up from my scalp and hide that at school.
But I remember how important it was to look fair at school and could not wait to look fair so how I applied talcum powder over my wet face and finally ended up looking like a clown when reached school.
But I remember how I would fake being asleep so that mum and dad could carry me to the bed.
But I remember how my attempt to finish the chewing gum by chewing gum whole night always ended with first a “Yes” when I found its not in my mouth, then a “No” when I found it stuck over the wall or my pillow.
Lots of memories and moments.
Do you remember when you were a kid and could not wait to grow up what you were thinking?
No matter how much I grow life amazes me all the way.
I wonder may be years after what I am doing now will become funny too and I might be penning it like