Every time if you have a craving and if you are getting it fulfilled, you are actually letting your mind breathe through your mind via your heart to stomach. So much air and relaxation of mind and senses comes when you give attention to cravings.
Cravings are driven by brain’s need for reward-not body’s need for food. It is important to realize that craving is NOT the same as hunger. Its not your body calling for energy, its your mind calling for something that releases lots of dopamine in the reward system.

People say cravings are harmful. Yeah they are if you are ignoring them. However if you have a craving and you are hungry that makes it much, much worse.

Restrictions are never appreciated even if we do with a half hearted consent. A little small corner of our heart keep sinking saying – “NAAH!! I was limitless why am I doing this”. Dietery restrictions definitely make cravings worse. But does this means we should give into food cravings? Well that probably depends on your level of control once you begin eating. If you have a choclate craving and you are able satisfy it with few choclate kisses or may be snicker bar – “GO FOR IT”.
But if you are someone whose cravings get out of control (like you end up eating a full bag of choclates or whole choclate cookie box) then it becomes more complicated. If this is the category you fit in then you need to cut down on portions of your desired food in your hand like if you are craving for a cake then buy a pastry instead or may be icecream cravings, then treat yourself wth a scoop of your favourite instead of a whole gallon of it.


Every craving has a story. Yes it may increase your calorie intake as per your decided limits but then it will release your mind and will get you a beautiful sleep that will finally give you a sound body and will boost your metabolism, finally leading u to put less effort for a further burning calorie process.

So how you are letting these cravings shape you, your body & your skin the way you want.
So if you have a craving – kill it! Once it is fulfilled you will be relaxed and you will stop trying alternatives, which were just giving you the feeling of adjustment. The only way you can get rid off from your food thoughts is to follow and listen to them. You will feel more motivated and put a real true effort on your workout which you were doing before half heartedly or just for the heck of doing it. When you eat you feel energetic and happy. People say it’s a guilt, but it’s a motivation for the next beautiful guilt free food story. On the contrary escaping of it would only result in low motivation resulting in a half hearted workout and a hell of pressure and complaints from your thoughts – “How long will I have to sacrifice, why can’t I eat like them, damn they eat hell, but where does that go & more, more cribbing”. So time now to beat the body’s mind through our mind.