Where are you now…was it all in my fantasy…where are you now…were you only imaginary.

Memories are like a treasure of the heart. In the world of inconsistencies, memories take my heart away. Memories behind the pictures or memories with no pictures that actually bring words with them. Those words which are full of expressions n excitement to be told n to be heard.

Rightely said ‘A picture is worth a thousand word but memories are priceless’. And one day you will be just a memory too for some, do try to be the best and keep smiling.

So before going …🍷to our life time memory – our childhood

Bachpan bi kamaal ka tha, khelte khelte chahe chatt par soye ya zamee par, aankhein bister par hi khulti thi….”

Nostalgic 1990′ s

Things back then n now. Life was tough but with a mix of mystery n hardwork it was a different kind of fun. If you grew up in late 80s or 90s, you are much fortunate than today’s kids of idiotic generation. Ask me why? Because you enjoyed your real childhood before smart phones, tablets, facebook, selfies, and other technologies took over it and completely ruined it.

Here are some 90s stuff we all definitely had when we were kids. And if you still remember any of these, trust me, you had an awesome childhood.Imagine when power cuts were a glorious time, coz then you were exempt from doing homework and had no choice but to go outside and play in the dark.

That particular tone of greeting teachers when they entered the class

“Goooooood mooooorning ma’am!”

And in seventh grade, everyone got Slam Books and found out who their true friends were.

The innovative games

From chit games like raja, mantri, chor, sipahi to chidiya udh, maina udh. And how can we forget the gamethat helped us find compatibility with our crushes, flames! This is also how you decided whether someone deserved your friendship, affection, marriage, enmity, or sisterhood.

Life Hacks…. Not youtube ones but real life…
Chewing this helped you concentrate in class? LOL

You relied on white Chalks to hide your shoes dirt as you had no choice in white shoes for Saturday’s.

Intellect of another level
“Elemenopee” was the longest letter in the alphabet.

1 0 O’Cock was considered late.
10 o clock

Every Indian girl secretly tried these on from her mom’s stash. Your mom’s Shilpa bindi gold pack.

Everyone became an expert boat-maker during the monsoon.

This was the No. 1 use of doorways in your house:

This dude was terrifying, and you genuinely had nightmares about him. Thanks, Onida

Our very own actor Aashish Chowdhary of movie Dhamaal.

But this girl — so relevant, so witty — was (and is) your role model.

Always dreamed of eating truck loads of Bourbon but got Parle G.

This cigarette-shaped candy, as problematic as it is in hindsight, made you feel cool as hell:

If you had more of these, you were considered superior.

Always fantasized about having these through out the day

When time pass was easy.
Only 50 Paise for the best entertainment

You only got ONE carrom board in your life, which was one of your biggest asset.

And once you had this toy gun, you started behaving like a boss.

These silly games were fun time pass.
rubber band

You always played with these when mother served you in the evening with tea.
finger chips

The funny stupid games played with pen
pen game

The nostalgic time pass games
time pass games.

The coins which brought a lot of happiness
coins india

Future generation will never know about this relationship

You were considered a rich n a modern( yeah thats the word that was used when someone owns luxuries).Remember the feeling when you first time owned this
video game

This dog was a terror.

Those 16 bit video games glued us for hours to create a unbeatable “Highest Score”.
bricks game.

Wonder how we get glued to clash royale n candy crush… Brick gane was pretty challlenging, no matter how good you are, you miss a brick n slowly whole stack goes up n u hoosh…game over…

Carrying floppy disk was a sign of being tech savvy.
phloppy disk

You often debate on which gum is better – Big Babol or Boomer?
BIGBABOOl.And the first tattoo you ever got was courtesy of these guys. Best thing to flaunt.

You substituted your urge for a cola with this many times
cola. I personally recommended it to friends.

When travelling was important. The whole family fitted perfectly on a scooter.

And owning a Maruti 800 was a luxury and a dream for the upper middle class.

And before you knew n pronounce the word “ambassador” this is all it meant.

And your family’s first car was probably one of these. Every kids dream to have an Omni with a dragging door…quite a style statement.

When getting ready for school was not less than a mission. Every morning before you went to school you made sure your HERO fountain pen is filled with this ink.

The proud possessions, always took out this box in maths class with style
Camlin Geometry Box Scholar

Sundays routine – Hair cut –>

Washing your hair with “Clinic Plus” Shampoo –> Then watching Mahabharat, Rangoli, Mowgli back to back on Doordarshan.You remember the tune of this by heart.That awesome 90’s advertising! You actually hummed the jingles & it really gave you the feels! Remember Hamara Bajaj, Cadbury, Raymond’s & Dhaara?

You actually know who these people are. You know these faces for sure.

And the scariest part.You know this means “There’s something wrong with your TV.”

Cameras for you were this along with the reel! When you get only 36 photos… Tough competition no retakes… Selfies were out of question.

When conversation was valuable afterall it costed us unlike todays unlimited free calling. You had long wires on these no caller id phones to take them all across the house. You never saw smart phones coming!
beatle landline phone.

When dreams were limited.You always thought that you will never go there as its affordable.

And the only substitutes were swings n slides in local fairs . Our local road side jhoolas…Two rs will give ten chakkars, that small manual wheel that was good enough for all the fun of a giant wheel that will be installed in the fair for two three days once a year.

And I Wonder kids now feel they have nothing in India now inspite of kidzania, kingdom of dreams, snowworld, go escape, live paint shoot n etc etc etc.
The word was “tension” rarely heard. No not really, you almost feel like you lost your world when you lost one of these. That tricky pencil with ten lead parts.

kids smile…the only thing that stays the same…😊😊😊😊😊😊



Whoa! Feeling nostalgic?
If this post made you feel nostalgic, don’t forget sharing it with people who were part of your childhood. As I did after recieving few 1990s images from my school group.

Keep smiling😊

Dear Stress…let’s break up!

Shit happens,people change,things fall apart.But earth keeps spinning n life goes on…Noone has the time or interest to cry over a broken heart.

Love yourself. Stay positive and happy. Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success. Time gone will never come again no matter how long you want to carry the baggage of the backlogs is something you have to decide.Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. You can be the change in tomorrow but you can’t change the yesterday. And if you learn to replace the negativity or hatred in your thoughts whatsoever reason coz its dead now to positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

So here am coming up with an incident based on a real case.The facts from her personal story.

It Happened to her : She had a Nervous Breakdown at 24


I started with waking up hourly. Making endless lists of all the things I had to do the next day, lists of all the things that were wrong with me, lists of the careers I would try out when I finally failed. Around 5 am, I would finally stand up, pace around, then go back to sleep for an hour.

I don’t think of myself as an anxious person. Sure, I would work myself into night terrors of my sixth grade, convinced I wouldn’t finish my (what, 100-word?) english essay. But I was a determined little person.
-At 11am, I discovered I had made a mistake at work so enormous that I was absolutely convinced I would be sued, never mind fired.
-Around 2pm, I got a call from the landlady to vacant the apartment immediately and I could nothing against her as the lease was over n I myself was delaying the new as I had already planned to move in a new apartment, which will be complete in next seven days. So I was to be jobless and homeless soon.
-At 10:27pm, my sweet, wonderful, geographically-challenged boyfriend dumped me, suggesting I couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship anymore. He was right. I could not.

Fun! It was super fun. How fun is life sometimes? I went to work the next morning in my very favorite dress, thinking that looking nice would keep me from jumping out of the window. But I didn’t feel depressed, I felt … distant. I felt removed from my body and from everyone around me.
All I could feel was my own hummingbird heart rate and sparking, shaking hands. I couldn’t type with them.

That night, I had “Hell with him, anyway!” drinks with friends. I drank precisely two beers, then I took my car and drove myself straight to the hospital. A nurse took pity on me, quiet self-diagnosis — “she suspected, I am having a panic attack” — and nurse paved me to a more private waiting area. She thought my being turning white n pale had something to do with this.
I sat in an armchair in my work dress, reading “Let the Great World Spin” and crying for five hours. At 2 am, an attending psychiatrist handed over a Xanax(alprazoram-an anxiety relieving drug) , ascertained me that I didn’t want to kill herself and I didn’t possess a gun, and asked me perhaps the most pathetic question of my life: “What did you hope to get out of this?”

Yeah. Huh.

I realised What did I think they would do? Make everything better? Make things stop hurting? Shut down my brain? I had no idea what I thought a medical expert would do. Fix me in an hour, perhaps. Give me really good drugs. Tell me n sympathise that my life was harder than everyone else’s. Tell everyone to be nicer. Tell my boyfriend to come back. Not in the job description? Weird.

May be ?

I could either tell them I wanted kill myself, and be admitted for a few days, or I could go home. They gave me a prescription for Effexor and Iwalked home at 3 am. I told my mother and a few friends about what happened.
For exactly one week. The very next Tuesday, I felt myself shrinking down even smaller inside my robot body. The terrified wood creature that was my consciousness managed to fake it for a few hours of the work day, then I excused myself and walked to the Fortis Hospital. Wowie! What a place! With an emergency room just for nutballs, they took my purse away, handed me an Ativan, and put me in a locked room with an observation window. This was the big time!wow
The Ativan did exactly nothing to calm me down in the slightest, so they went on ahead and gave me another one. I literally blacked out at this point.And woke myself up in my mother’s bed with she sitting by my side.

“On Air”

The whole new “skit” was kind of up now. I told everyone that mattered that I was losing it. I got a lot of concerned suggestions and endless doctor recommendations. It turns out that every person I have ever spoken has a list of suggestion. This should have been comforting, but it wasn’t in the least. What felt like the collapse of my world was run-of-the mill, very ordinary. Ho-haa hoo… It only made me more depressed to know that most people I know are barely holding it together.
I swore to all of those head tilts that I would start taking it easy. I would stop working so late. I would stop going out every night. I would get more sleep.
So I stayed in one Friday night and then one saturday night n everything went exactly back to normal. No one checked in, except for my insurance company’s advisor who kept trying to find me a psychiatrist who would see me. I still haven’t found one.
Why should anyone pay extra attention? As I learned, they have their own soul-stuttering shit to deal with. They are petting their own internal always running squirrel. I find myself fascinated with the ways people find to hold it together: whether by drinking, drugs prescribed , strings of partners, knitting, cutting, calling their mom every Sunday to cry into the phone. Or my personal method staying as busy as humanly possible so you never have to think.
So I ‘ve been doing that. I still don’t sleep enough. I still don’t have a therapist, though I do have a Klonopin ( drug used to keep yourself away from depression) escape hatch. I still wake up at least once a week to make stressed-out lists of my failures. I reviewed if maybe my mental break down was a one-off, or if it’ll happen again.
When are you the person who had a breakdown and when do you become the person who’s just kinda broken?
Stress on what :

Things which are out of your control.
Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. Happiness is a choice. Understand n believe God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress. Don’t just let your mind bully your body into believing that it must carry the burden of its worries.Sometimes the difference between a stressful life and an easier one is all in your perspective See both leads you somewhere but positivity always leads in a healthy way.
Now here I am reminded of my two friends one who finally ended up in a Heart Attack n another one ended up in Migraine. ” nai yaar tu nai samajhti, U haven’t faced what I had”.
Agree on that how would I n why would I. Cummon everyone plays the game of their choice. I do have a fully loaded play box of life games.

We can’t always change our reality, and ignoring problems isn’t usually the best way to deal with them, but we can embrace reality and soften it at the same time with a bit of humor that:

“Cheer up drama soul, the worst is yet to come. Simply put, quit worrying over the little stuff and wait for something really big.”

On a not so serious note again, It’s good to maintain perspective when you’re worried about the “what ifs” of life. Backup plans and being prepared is great, but stressing yourself over them actually( the backup plans 👎 which are supposed to relieve) is real stupid.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. Try live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.
So stay healthy, keep smiling. 😊😊😊

There is no real ending, its just the place where you stop the story…

I wish my life would be a movie…
Good or bad but definitely it has an end.

The end that could bring a new.

Again a hit or no but atleast it will have an end.
Recently saw this movie called
” Just my luck”
I wish I could get lucky again..
I know its not realistic but it has an end…
I wish my life would be a movie, happy or sad, good or bad
It has an end…
Still believe in miracles?…
Life doesn’t come with options n chances.

Doesn’t really matter how hard you stay positive.
I wish my life would be a movie…
N I ll never aspire to act again…