The Liebster Award. 

​With the year ending,  oops sorry! Happy New Year! As I started in 2017,but I m glad to recieve it again and its simply a pleasure everytime. Thanks a lot Megha for the lovely gesture for nominating Liebster Award 2017 for my blog.  Do check out her blog for beautiful writeups and beautiful sketches. 
On accepting the nomination, the rules to be followed are:
Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog.

Include award graphic.

Answer the questions provided.

Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

You can also check out the official rules here.

Presenting my questions for the nominations :

1. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

2. What is your definition  of life? 

3. What makes you different from others? 

4. What you feel is the most essential element of life? 

5. Writing to you is? 

And now coming to my set of questions by Megha. 

1. What do you think is the most challenging issue before today’s world?

I feel achieving gender equality and safety. Equality between men and women in all aspects of life, from access to health and education to political power and earning potential. Although we are getting closer to gender tranparency but change isn’t happening fast enough. And when it comes to safet about women n kids lots of efforts are still required. 

2. What kind of freedom do you think is the most important?

You breathe oxygen?  Wow! Me too. We have so much in common. 😂kidding.  Freedom is the essence of a beautiful life,  n the freedom which I cherish most is the freedom and due respect to have one’s own opinion.

3. How do you think is the ideal way to educate students and enhance attitude of learning in them?

I feel the ideal way is to lead through examples, making learning a true learning not limiting it to whats just taught in 

4. What is the most memorable moment of your life?

-Every moment spent with my angel  I feel is the most blessed and memorable one for me. 

5. Name an animal whose special characteristics you would like in yourself. Mention them.

Fish.  I love the colours,  their fins,  their pouts and the fact they  live in water 24/7

6. What message would you give out to the world in one line?

Live and let live.

7. What do you prefer for a task- help or motivation?


8. Mention five words to describe you.

Simple, funny, a little unpredictable, kind & pure from the heart( and this one comes from mouth of my angel for me) 

9. What do you think you can do best?

It keeps on changing. But its a comedy for my daughter..

Finally, mention an inspiring quote to end this Q&A session with a beautiful message.

“Life is very complicated, don’t  try to find answers,  ‘coz when you will finally find the answers life will change its questions.”

So coming to nominations. I am also nominating 10 of my favourite growing and upcoming wonderful bloggers  and truly so many are deserving and I have the privelege to choose few so I present my nominations as:



3.Priti C

4.Ravi Sidula



7.The Exceptional Writer

8.Praneet Shekhar(Poeterings)

9.Kasturi( Viakat) 

10.Shweta Tiwari

Happy New Year!!! 

“Be the present”🎁

The unbeatable obedience, in the eyes and behaviour,  as if she trust her elders  and their opinion is the only opinion she look for. Accepting the mistake every time, with modesty and generousity to such an extent that even they felt why they objected and poked her, it wasn’t  that serious, but to this also she would reply- ” No somewhere I would have done better,  I ll do next time, Sorry! “.

From years, seeing the “sensitivity” a defensive attitude developed for her,  not exactly to defend her for any wrong but to defend her from the belief that its not important  always to ‘ blame yourself’ and ‘please everyone’. Listening  to parents is important but its more important  to understand the real intention behind their words.  Sometimes even they are just being an unnecessary “Critic”  could be for a comparison , a frustration for not being the one they want to make you, or for the perfectionist attitude. Now its them, they have their reasons but not in any case it mean that they will not love you if something will went wrong.

Time passed and then the sense of responsibility joined the race of being an obedient kid. As we grow we become that but growing up doesn’t  only mean this,  growing up is a state of mind where we can now cherish what we really like to do other then what we were supposed to as a kid. And then one day she bursted into tears, noone realised what happened, she went in the room, opened her book and started reading as if she is trying to getaway. Not it was like she was being told to do eat fast for the first time,  she is listening this since she has started to understand, not it was the first time she was hearing the advice for eating fruits,  now even she studies about the goodness of fruits,  why she cried,  it wasn’t  really that serious. Everyone surrounded her,  trying make her smile,  asking what happened  n then she bursted “I don’t  want to talk to anyone”. Knowing all what n who said what yet everybody was shocked, then she said” its not that I don’t  try,  I do it all the times,  Even I know I ve improved but nobody wants to appreciate  that. Its always this,  you are too slow,  you don’t  eat fruits,  she eats,  he eats am not them and I try”. All felt bad coz noone actually intented hurt her,  for them it was just the usual stuff. 

So often children are punished for being human. Children are not allowed to have grumpy moods,  bad attitudes, disrespectful tones and bad days, yet we adults have them all the time. None of us are perfect and we must stop holding children to a higher standard of perfection then we can attain ourselves.

“I recalled mum’s crib day before saying you guys don’t  eat fruits, you just bring to refrigerate them. ”

We love our kids but yet we sometimes forget may be they are small but they have huge set of expectations  from us too. Children don’t  need superhumans,  perfect parents. They have always managed with good enough parents, the parents they happened to have. No parent is perfect no kid is perfect, yet there are plenty of perfect moments to make. 

The moment was gone, all sorted,  she was happy but the incidence left a “question mark” 
And I just wanted understand, my perspective was on the other side. In evening I thought ok let me clear this, n went down n  sat with the kids who were on the water break during football. I asked her and her friends to tell me the ten things you want your parents to stop doing  and….

Five things you want your parents to start doing

I got some interesting responses
Things I want my parents to stop doing:
—Stop comparing my life with your childhood. Things were really different back then, so stop comparing.
—Stop using these words and phrases: use your brain, are you deaf? Can’t you see? Useless, careless, good for nothing….etc….
—stop showing off my skills. I don’t want to dance in front of your friends. I don’t like to do that. Why do you force me to sing/ dance or show my art work to our relatives or friends?
—Can you speak softly? I’m tired to hear you shout, every day, every single moment.
Things I want my parents to start doing:
—Smile, please… I don’t remember when was the last time my mom smiled. She usually carries a frown on her face. That look irritates me.
—Appreciate. I know I’m not good at all things, but many things only I can do, no one else can. So a little bit appreciation is good na….
—Hug me, I see how my mom hugs my 5 year old sister, but when I run to hug her…she immediately says, “Later, first do you work” huh!
—Play with me. I love to play with my friends, but playing with mom dad is fun! If only they had time to play….
—Tell me a story. I’d love to listen to their childhood tales, especially about their mistakes, failures and mischief. But my parents always keep telling about all their achievements. It makes me scared. What if I can’t achieve success the way they achieved….?
—Keep that WhatsApp aside. Talk to me mom & dad.
—Can I sleep in your bedroom at least once a month? I live cuddling you guys.
So parents, if you still wondering what to gift your child this holiday season, here’s your list. Be present for your children and make parenting engaging and fulfilling.

Give them the present of being Present.


I surrender… 

Few moments spent with a friend just bring me into this, dear karma and life.I surrender! 

I accept(which hardly matters) for the only wrong I did! 

Dear karma and life before you feel again,  I accept am the worst! 

I really tried  but I failed coz am not worthy of the life coz I tried to cope up,  if I would not have,  scenarios would have been different. 

Am accountable for my bad and my all efforts and goodness is in mud coz I did what nobody bothered  ever,  in spite of me being all good,  I waited, I gave chance,  I had hopes which got crushed throughout. 

I hate you life coz I really tried n give the best but now u judge me, I don’t  agree with your justice,  I m hurt. My pain,  my punishment,  my wait,  my hope,  my goodness is ruined. I don’t  know why you giving me this,  if no one I feel n I believed  Karma,  where is my karma? U cannot judge  my pain n my punishment,  I took it all for u coz I have the guts to say the right and the wrong.But  U judge my wrong. Really are u  not done with all the bad n pain I ve got. Somewhere I m losing coz the wait for the comeback and realisation is not worth the pain I feel each breath.I feel pity for you coz the pain u giving me will come back to u. So if u are once tired of giving just to me ur karma,  plz now don’t  bother,  coz I surrender.

I feel lost inside myself… 

I don’t  know if I am thinking🍂

Chasing a thought  in my dream am sleeping 

And the eyes are still blinking

Senses are numb

Yet feels like something is breaking🌾

“I feel like lost in the fog, all confused

Confused why I woke up feeling so bruised”🍁

My mind is wandering 🐾

With the thoughts 

Maybe for something that  happened

Something that happened  an year ago?

Or  something that happened an hour ago?

Or is it for something about to happen in an year to come?

Reasons are done!

Logics have gone!

Questions are still knocking///

Confusion  is still on

I don’t  know what I am thinking?

All pieces of puzzle have rested in place

Still the image is not completing!📷

Is this a storm that  is washing thoughts with it;⚡

Or is it the  silence after the storm?💧

Blank and calm I m lying,

like a dead!

But heart is still pumping

Through my nerves I can feel the speed

 In the pure Silence  I hear

Sound of running thoughts

With Every breath it feels 

Something is killing

I wish I could

I could know if I am thinking

I wish I could

I could know what I am thinking…