Essential life saving supplement- Smile

When things are difficult, smile by faith. Don’t wait until you feel better.”
We all understand the severity of the current situation I feel, but apart from this Corona our mental well being is equally important.
I really urge please believe in God, whatever happens… Happens for a reason… Don’t let your faith fade all of a sudden so easily. Take care, stay healthy, a healthy mind is the biggest life saving supplement.
Don’t ignore but let’s not make it the only mission of our life, already cutting down to things we like have made us all so dull, so please try n smile. It’s not a regular flu or virus that will spread like that… It will only if we come in contact with an infected person. So take care of your surroundings, if anyone is having certain travel history plz don’t hide…or if your society or you know somrone, make efforts of finding that, trust me, we can prevent the spread, forwarding corona msg is just becoming a saddening and depressing social trend. Please avoid

Happy Women’s Day Lovelies 🥂

Give her wings to fly on her own in her sky coz when she flies or grows she is never alone in that sky, she takes all those who she loves. You may get her the best or the most expensive diamond yeah coz she says diamonds are her best friends but deep in the heart there is just one little wish every woman keeps… Though she put it at stake all the time for her loved ones but that’s not what she ever wanted to do.
This seven letter world mean world to her and no diamond can match the beauty of this feeling.
Stay gorgeous inside n out!