Swiggy is Amma and Uber is Appa

Sometimes parents don’t make their feelings clear they just assume that their kids know of their deep love towards them but expression and that hug is always required. With the lives getting taxing and challenging- money, latest gadgets, apps has somewhere created a zone where we all feel the comfort. Our time that is supposed to be spent with our kids is spent in working hard to get them the best. Our Kids today are growing up absolutely immersed in electronic media. What we learnt at what age is something they have seen ages back. Convenience and comfort from a parent has been replaced by the applications. But we need to remember to be in your child’s memories tomorrow you need to be in their lives today.

Here is what I read today and really find it worth sharing

“Swiggy is Amma and Uber is Appa”
With children’s day just gone, I was just musing on how children ARE these days. OK, I admit they are a zillion times more smarter than us with their smartphones but what about their persona, their attitudes, interests and their general psyche?

I remember that years ago when I was a kid, a small bowl of “halwa” or “kheer” on Sunday would be a heavenly delight for all of us. We used to look forward to that big occasion and sniff the aroma of that delicious porridge wafting out of the kitchen ; take a sneak-peek to check if our moms had really added those golden cashews and raisins bobbing up and down in the milky bubbles and look anxiously at the clock to see if the needle was really moving or not, towards our lunchtime!

Today, moms are no match for Swiggy and there is no magic left on sundays too.

Chunky cheese balls, crispy french fries, or delicious desserts like Tiramisu are just a call away. No more yearning for treats and no more earning them either- it’s all just “made to order” within minutes.

No more talk of “mom’s cooking” but it’s more of “swiggy booking” these days.

Dads are no exception either. No more begging dads to drop us to the tuition, dance class or friend’s place. No more asking permissions or waiting for parents to pick up. “I’m going out today, my Uber is on my way!”

Well, Swiggy and Uber may be a blessing for working moms and dads but they have grossly eroded the fine qualities of adjustment, accommodation and appreciation in our children.

Children are becoming more demanding and selfish with no thought spared to their parent’s efforts or their own welfare. All desires are instantly satiated and there is no scope for patience or perseverance.

Dads and Moms have become ATM machines to just unload cash and satisfy the needs of children. No questions asked!

I’m not against these user-friendly apps but am only anxious that they are making our children’s value system useless. Children are becoming increasingly opinionated and self-obsessed. The values of caring and sharing are slowly on the wane.
It will be no wonder if your kid starts to feel that “Swiggy is my amma and Uber or Paytm is my Appa”.

Make children understand that life is full of imperfections and disappointments and that the beauty of life is not in the instant gratification of desires but in the patient pursuit of them.
Let life be full of simple pleasures- a little charred, a little scarred, but never marred!

Time to teach them

Credits: A close friend

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6 thoughts on “Swiggy is Amma and Uber is Appa

  1. This is the dark reality today. Children are loosing moral values and respect towards elders and even parents. How worse is gonna be future then? Nice post. I think more people should read this and realize the usefulness of offline shopping, homemade food cooked by mom and ride with dad!


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