Clean the clutter of negativity this Diwali…

You can’t be ahead of life, life is way ahead of us. Surprises, energies, uncertainity, karma and time will be follow you all the time.
We are imitators, since our birth we start imitating some thing or some other person. Like as an infant we try n imitate our elders around. We have full cantrol on our body and mind when we are imitating someone we like in sense if behaviour, mannerism, way of speaking, certain way of dressing up.We become what we think and develop a pattern and mindset of our own with own set of rules. We draw an invisible boundary around us to protect ourselves from our own beliefs. “This is right, thats not” and start judging ourselves and others on that basis.Look at the beliefs that form the groundwork of your life. We are full of beliefs that we have collected over the years – attitudes, ideas, opinions and conditioning. And we are so full of what we know that when challenged, we just refuse to accept even the things that makes sense , “Don’t try n teach me, this is how I have believed whole my life and now you want me to change it.” So we live with a set of beliefs that becomes religion, a set of beliefs called politics, a set of beliefs about ourselves, a set of beliefs about the kind of people that we like or don’t like and a set of beliefs about everything else. What we say becomes a law for us but we forget that life comes with a fundamental law of cause n affect, action and reaction.
The Law of Cause and Effect exists in its true state, its not biased for anyone. Like night or sunshine. If you are standing in the sun, you receive the warmth and healing benefits of the sun’s rays. If you are standing in the shade, it seems like the sun isn’t shining on you. But who moved you into the shade? Who moved you into the darkness? The truth is we are in darkness because of our ignorance, Emotional dependency and self-reliance. “No one can give you what you want or what you don’t want.” Remember there are no victims, we only volunteer to become one to our own created situations.
The day you will start considering it, you’ll realize it’s true. Its disheartening and may be hard to accept at the beginning, but once you get pass that point in your life you’ll realize that it’s very liberating.
This universe is full of energies, good and bad. Our thought become our energy and attract these energies. A good energy will attract positive energies from the universe and likewise your negative thinking will attract the negative energies. Our thoughts, these energies get us to our karma we behave how we feel is right and here the fundamental law of cause n effect comes in action with our karma. We do good we get good, there could be a delay in getting maybe but if we do bad we get bad in return for sure.Dont let your negative visualisation rule your life.Face your worry and see it as an illusion. It cannot exist unless you give it power and give it life.
Start to release everything that is no longer a part of what you want to create in your life. Just like you do to make your house beautiful every Diwali or new year, we give material things away that we no longer use. We make room for what we want or need now… Give your items to friends or… give them to charity. And as your clean out, put what’s left in order because if you have clutter in your life, it is an indication of clutter within your mind.” Exactly like this clear the burden of the past clutter and negativity from your life, holding things for some time is human as we feel its our hard earned possesion, be it a feeling or a thing, but making them a part of your life will debarred you from accepting new things, don’t let your mind be a slave to a old jeannie lamp. Breathe out get air. .Be sure you separate ‘who you are’ from ‘what you have’ and ‘what you do’.” Its your life and you can mould it the way you want and life gives you enough chances to repair. Give your present a head on start each day. We cannot change past events, no matter how painful, but we can always intend how we ‘feel’ about them and heal ourselves. We as if in some competition with our ownself is always trying to get somewhere other than where we are so that we can finally be happy? The truth is that all unhappiness is caused by denial of the present. Its exactly gonna come around back the way it has earlier in the forms of regret.
So now is the time to remove the clutter.
“If you don’t do the choosing, life will choose for you, and it may not be the choice you want.”


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