ghosts of the dark street…


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I don’t like walking on these streets, they follow me, they horrify me, I usually don’t prefer them, but then my daily life that finally lands me on them. Don’t know if they actually scare or no, but yes when I am in the middle of my journey on these roads, I see them or feel them the most as no matter even if I decide take a U-turn from the street, time spent will be the same. They scare me, I can’t see them, but just their presence or absence may be… as I feel they are behind but I don’t have the guts to see at my back. Even if by far I know they have not hurt me but they affect, I feel Concious and scared. The darkness on the street and this hide and seek becomes so long that each second feels like an hour.
Where I am?
Nowhere else!
I just woke up with a dream..
This is basically few thoughts and statement that I said, or may be lie somewhere deeper in my heart – true feelings of a Concious, people fearing person ! Now till ‘God Fearing’ was okay, what’s this People Fearing? It’s basically people who you feel, follows you everywhere and who basically have nothing to do in your life other then to think of you.
You are unlucky? You just lost a caring and a selfless person that don’t exist elsewhere, then in your mind. Yeah! people say and forget, but they don’t mean that always, maybe its their kinda refreshment break from there life n you are taking that on your heart and mind.
No one has the time to look on you, everyone is focussed on their “I”. We might be worried thinking by the stare or the look of the person, that this particular colour( red, blue, green, yellow, purple or whatever) may look dark on me, without knowing the story on the other end that, he is worried n giving such suspicious looks ‘coz he wore a torn tee by mistake.
Dreams does have a meaning, sooner I realised, I started enjoying my dark street walks.There are no more ghosts.

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