My Little mumma…

We often say there is a kid in us, I ve found a new one there is a mom/dad in your kid.

They pretend to be like us while we want to be like them. My little one got sprain in her foot again in the same foot for the third time and reason being, real dangerous stunt she was trying perform – she was walking yeah! Funny no? You heard it right she got it while coming back home not after playing n actually being and behaving like a monkey on the monkey bar, she always get the sprain like this, mere walking on a plain floor n you tilt your foot just like that. A simple small scratch may be caused due to itching on a mosquito bite takes her attention for minimum four days n mean while those days she do everything the usual, like when it comes to playing and playing and playing but if I got to touch that scratch by mistake she ’ll just scream like anything “oo mumma you vve hurt me its was already paining.”So I could actually see my future for another two weeks minimum coz this time it was a sprain n its was kinda serius, foot was swollen badly. So by the time I took her to doc as he wont be available at this time I just googled for good instant treatment for the sprain n I got one ‘the heat and ice treatment. Swelling was noticeably reduced next morning, so I continued it for few days n sprain was fine in few days. Everything is going good daily I am feeling my little one is growing now and more n more into a mumma she behaves when she got to learn some new fact, there is been a considerable change in her behaviour like if I asked her to do something in a correct way, the reply I got to hear is – “I know, I was doing this only.” Today she got a call infact a video call,very normal for me now from her friend (kids these days actually smarter if they cant come in person to play, they play cards on video call.I was surprised when I first noticed this that she is actually playing online with her friend on a video call.. Now this is what I say you are JUST A CALL AWAY. ) So this time call was not for playing instead it was for the treatment method we did on the sprained ankle. As her bestie got a sprain on the foot this time. Don’t know what I can say about the expression she had after hearing about the sprain as if something really like an achievement ‘coz she got it n now her friend got it. So she started telling her what to do, keeping me in loop, we did this n after this n all. The whole treatment was almost explained then all of a sudden she said wait I ’ll just text you the whole treatment, her friend, I could hear insisted -“no tell me like this only, its paining. No dear, it has to be done rite way otherwise things will be more messed up and its dangerous. I am texting you the whole n then I ll write – call me n then you call me again I ’ll explain you the whole-her reply”. Now this actually reminded me of when I was explaining a cake recipe to a friend. No ingredients should be missed so I texted along with explaining the method. Seeing this, I am prompted to the the thought that they wanna be like us, behave like us and we are trying see our childhood in them.

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