We don’t ‘live’ once, we only ‘DIE’ once


Life in a jar

The Jar of life
So much we get in our life so much is added so much is used or removed.
The jar of life…why we get weak in situations which demands us to be the strongest, or may be we are always pretending to be strong but we forget, that pretension works well when circumstances are fine but as the wind changes the direction and we feel the heat, we just get carried away with the heat, we start looking for escapes or get arrogant. Life isn’t a bed of roses but who wants it that way… Behind roses there are thorns which are just hidden by the charm of roses.Its not a war field truly but for that feeling of accomplishment that stands us apart from the crowd, we have to accept that. We are alive in this world as we are strong enough to be here… To win over a tough call if required, it should be answered. Fulfillment comes with real new and tough, monotony never excites. Even your favorite pizza doesn’t excites your taste buds when you are stomach full. Morning are fresh as they come after night long darkness with a fresh sunlight. No nights, and beauty of mornings is irrelevant.
I know its hard to practice then advice but victimization of your self is not justified either.. At a point in our life we confront a situation that makes us uneasy. We start becoming the victims why this is happening to me. “Why always me? ”.Such people work on a assumption that world should be fair to them, which is indeed a child way to confront.You are lucky to be in this as a person who has not seen good times would never react in bad times. This expression comes because of uncertainty. We work hard, we achieve a level. We stay there for some time but we forget we can’t beat the time. Don’t forget the time when you got luck may be getting any opportunity.This🌍 earth, the universe is responsible for everyone, your movements decides moves of another as it happened to you and will happen again to you. We just crib without looking for the opportunities , as we studied in Economics without opportunity cost you can’t expect further beginnings. Though you won’t get the chance by cribbing ‘coz that’s how it is, but then don’t forget if our cribbings would have worked , we have always cribbed about not going to school as a kid, we cribbed as we always wanted bunk our lectures in college but we couldn’t . We wanted fun n hanging out with GF or BF there were never reservations but they come full throttle at the time of marriage and we crib. We don’t understand the beauty of time. Though we realize its beauty when we are happy but then we claimed it be ours like(boasting our actions) my hard-work , it was n’t easy for me I know what I did, I always had brains, I made sacrifices n all but when things take a turn, negative n positive, we start blaming others. Remember, if we could decide our life our way,then may be we would not be holding even a graduation degree🎓.As we cribbed at that time too about not going to School or Universities. So lets leave this on time and give time some time to do its job.
Where does our confidence, our ability, hard-work goes in a new not required or may be estimated situation . When we start getting results for our efforts it becomes an addiction,don’t let this go off your mind that every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Past should be past. It can destroy your future.Live your life for future, for what life has to offer not for what has gone. No matter what has gone and how far you are from where you want to see yourself and how far you are away from it , just BELIEVE that somehow you will make it. After all life is not about finding you its about creating you the way you want it. Let today be the day you stop being victim instead start taking actions towards the life that you want.
Only you can shape your life. Break free from the poisonous victim mentality and realize the power in you. After all you are not here to live mediocre life.
There is saying
You LIVE only once… NO you live everyday
You DIE only once.

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