Daily Prompt: Nervous



Yeah I know am adventurous, but I am nervous. Just pretending to be fearless, but the very thought of what will happen if the banana boat will turn down in the sea made me hell nervous as it fell too. When you avoid thoughts that scares you, the whole nature conspires against that towards you.
Went all well, nervousness was going as banana was about to head towards the beach and dunno all of a sudden friend conspired with the coach for a dip in the sea and its turned, Damn hell what is this? Everyone in the sea but I can’t see anyone around except the banana boat floating over me. Nervousness soared to the peak but then fears become lighter when they are at hand, my whole nervous mind felt like a crazy adventurer now, I don’t know how to swim but I ve seen in the movies if your body keeps moving, u’ll stay up, otherwise too, what else I could have done, failed again n again by waves that just drove me with them everytime I felt I am straight, I found myself upside down within seconds. Felt a grip on my leg, must be my life saviour and then found myself dragged swimming towards the beach. Apologies from coaches, as they thought everone is out until they count one is missing, thats lucky me who just fell on the opposite direction.You must ha ve got nervous? “Nevermind, I totally loved it, I love the sea and was fortunate to be in for long, and NERVOUS !! Who me – oh puh lease, give me a break, really dear, I always knew I won’t get drowned, after all I was wearing the LIFE JACKET. Next evening, when asked for banana ride – No ways !!
Ha ha gotta go. Time for my coaching class( I am learning swimming).

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