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Curious to know that subject which was not there in my curriculum but was there in the curriculum of my male counterparts may be from same university or college or a different one.
That SPECIAL SUBJECT that gives them an edge over women who have opted or not for similar courses.
Where are the changes in curriculum coming from?
And which educational body has approved it.
Several surveys, done almost everyyear reveals girls score better, okay interruption, as I ve n’t done masters in special subject (I don’t want to sound like an another EDGY),I will correct myself, that both girls and boys have scored wonderful at par, may be… Forget who did more or less. But when these girl or women go out for work and succeed, they get tags (special tags if they are beautiful too).
A women can either be beautiful or intelligent and if she is both and successful too then she must have used her beauty for success.
There are so many good looking successful men around, they are intelligent too after all coming from reputed universities achieving good scores. So they can always owe the credit to their success. But a women if beautiful can’t be successful and if she is then she is too fast( several stories are cooked around her).
Where is this edge coming in the mindset of most of the men-I feel that must be from that SPECIAL SUBJECT.
A country where women are treated as or even called avatars of goddesses, a country where girl child are worshipped during Navrataras but what After or Before Navratras-they no more remain the goddess. Thousands of them are killed before or after the birth.
So basically these goddess aka women should be chained in temples or at their homes. And if they decide not to follow this they will be destroyed mentally or physically.
The land of ‘University in Diversity ‘ equally diverse and rich in double standards with countless discriminations like gender, skincolour, caste etc… Men and women are equal. Women today excelling in all fields, equal opportunities.
But how much of it is true?

You consider any behaviour pattern…
A mother does everything all her life, its her responsibility and she is supposed to do that. A father who sometime play with the kids or narrate stories or may attend few parents session at school is always considered a caring father.
He is the bread earner of the family afterall but similar situation-now mother is working too-then??
Is she a caring mother.
No ways!!!
Taboo – She is selfish, she choose work over family and kids.
Men coming home after the work behaves like a king, he has done his share of the day now its his off but a working women will resume her second workplace after coming from office that is her home – cummon who asked her to work. She is doing this for herself afterall (selfish self).
Both these are from same universities.
Some men, who asked their wives to be at home and take care of the home and family while they went out to be the sole bread earners for family will not approved of the same notion when it comes to their daughters.
Women often mocked at, for their obsession with shopping, window shopping and fashion, but a man who is glued to tv for cricket or stock market or may be to his phone for games or social networking, is considered as cool.
Who will decide whose obsession is better or no or whose is stupider or intelligent?
A women who chose to wear a Crop Top is considered as a bad girl as she is revealing her waist but if she reveals the same amount of waist and adding a clear neckline by wearing a saree its cultural. A man abusing a girl (physically by touching, raping or mentally by passing cheap comments) if asked how he would feel if his sister or daughter or mother would be treated this way. His immediate response would be my sister is not like that girl he is abusing. What exactly goes in his mind and who exactly he thinks of himself to be, to decide which women to be respected, which to be degraded.
A girl is considered inauspicious during her periods. Was periods a choice given to her-its a biological process not her choice, but still she cannot enter in the temple of the same god who has created women to be like this. On the other hand a man who can be a rapist or a murderer or a abusive person or eve teaser is still allowed in temples because he is a man and gets no periods. Infact it is believed to have a dip in the holy Ganga water to wash off all the sins and thousands of us do that. Real sins can be washed off but periods…
My question is not to just these men who have such mindsets but also to women who passes such mindsets further, who expect their son’s first child and if not successful then second a must to be a baby boy. And when it comes to their daughters and if her in laws expects the same, they become the Criminals.
Discrimination is in the minds and outsets. What was not acceptable to us as a daughter or daughter-in-law is passed to our daughters and daughter-in-laws with of course some polish of being the advanced version.
So many myths, so many tricks to give birth to a boy( chinese calender,movement of moon). I am interested in that one trick where it can be all achieved without a women.
Question to all these Special Subject degree holders-
Were they opted or given the choice to be born as a male?
Next to those women who passes this-who is she herself if she cannot respect her woman hood. How she expect others to respect to her choices?
The pride of being a woman is entirely in our hands. I wish all days to be Happy Woman’s Day!

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